Some of Our Other Products

Bond Accounting

BPS Capital utilizes a bond portfolio software system that takes care of all accounting requirements for our clients and to generate monthly accounting reports.  These reports are provided at no extra cost to our bank advisory and investment portfolio management clients.  Our accounting report package includes reports such as the following: executive summary, security inventory, maturity distributions, transaction reports, accrual reports, accretion & amortization reports, schedule RC-B, RC-K, RC-R, as well as other compliance reports.

Trade Execution & Clearing

A couple of our services that we believe very strongly in are our trade execution and trade clearing services.  We work with over 75 different broker/dealer firms in order to try and get the best price possible for our clients when we execute trades on behalf of our clients.  This process alone can save many of our clients thousands of dollars each year.  On the clearing side, we can save you and your staff significant time by assuming the detail work of clearing trades, addressing settlement problems, facilitating communication between your correspondent, safekeeping agent, and the broker/dealer with whom the trade may have been executed.  We also collect and maintain the documentation necessary to assure that complete records are readily available when required by auditors or examiners.  This allows you to focus your time on what really matters.

Investment & ALCO Policies

BPS Capital Management has years of experience writing and creating both investment policies and asset-liability policies for banks.  We offer advice on existing policies, or we can offer template policies that can be customized for your institution.  By doing this, we can help keep our clients up to date with new regulations that need to be addressed in their policies.  It also allows us to help our clients ensure that they have adequate policy limits and parameters in place, as required by regulators, and that these limits are being actively monitored.