Truly Independent


BPS Capital Management is a completely independent investment advisor.  We are not a broker/dealer, we do not accept soft dollars, and we are not a part of any larger organization.  This means that we are not incentivized to charge commissions or markups and we are not paid to execute transactions with any specific third party.  We offer unbiased advice and seek to provide our clients with the best price possible.

Our independence means that we have our client’s best interests in mind, not our own, with no conflicts of interest.  We also are a fee-only advisor, not commission based, which allows us to advise the best investment products for our client and their goals, purely based on risk and return characteristics.

BPS Capital specializes in fixed income portfolio management and is a non-discretionary registered investment advisor.  This means that we do not make changes to the portfolios of our clients without approval and will never execute any transactions without the knowledge and discretion of the client.  This philosophy is the reason why we have been able to develop long-term relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us for over 20 years.

We are a truly independent investment advisor and portfolio manager.  That is the core of who we are and is a standard we will never compromise.

How We Operate

As a professional portfolio manager, BPS Capital Management strives to provide the expertise and level of knowledge necessary to maintain consistent, quality returns for our clients. This means that our clients can expect a high level of attention and personal correspondence. This interaction is necessary to ensure that expectations and goals are being met.

We strive to maintain close, personal relationships with our clients through effective communication, customized products, as well as by providing unbiased advice regarding investment management and asset/liability management.  We are proactive, responsive, organized and interactive.

By engaging in constant, ongoing conversation with our clients, we are aware of any changes and developments as they occur.  We invest our time into our clients, creating educational opportunities that allow us to prepare the investment portfolio for evolving market conditions.  We are not the type of advisor that you simply meet with occasionally to discuss recent performance.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us!