A  P R O V E N

T R A C K  R E C O R D

Our clients trust us for our independent, personalized, and experienced portfolio management.


Since 1983 BPS Capital Management has been managing institutional portfolios.  We are not a broker/dealer but rather a completely independent investment advisor.  This means that our advisory services are not influenced by an unnecessary need to generate trades.


Powerful Reporting

BPS Capital Management has developed a proprietary Interest Rate Risk (IRR) model.  It is built on a foundation of using individual instrument level data, not call report data.  The report also features bank-specific decay analysis and regression analysis, just two of the many reasons why bank examiners have told us that they love our reports.


Market Insight

Browse our market commentaries.  Each commentary includes a review of recent market climate changes, upcoming economic releases, and how these developments impact our view of the fixed income market for the months ahead.  Stay informed, and start following us today.


Contact Us

Please let us know if you would be interested in learning more about the services that we offer.  We would love the opportunity to tell you why we believe we offer a fantastic service, and we also would be happy to send sample reports for you to review.